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Agile Leadership Explained maggie sun

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maggie sun

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&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; In an eloquent language, this book not only provides a perspicuous explanation of agile leadership from business management perspective, but also brings a refreshing and inspiring view of agile leadership beyond business boundaries by translating it into a philosophy that can be applied to the whole world in all life spheres. the book offers practical knowledge and tools concerning agile transformation (e.g. four organizational shifts and 3D Agile Leader Model, etc.) for business people, it also calls for all global citizens to evolve into agile leaders and change the world together to a better place.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The first part of the book introduces the term of VUCA, following a holistic overview of the most consequential global changes as well as their impacts on our happiness that&#39;s tied to agile leadership.<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;The second part succinctly expounds the very origin of agile and how it is adopted by commercial organizations worldwide from technical part to enterprise-wide level. The book goes on to clarify why the most essential part of agile is agile leadership through a simple interpretation of the complex adaptive system theory, then further presents trust-based empowerment to be the key to developing agile leadership, as corroborated in the practices of Beyond Budgeting and Management Plasticity. Following that, agile philosophy is introduced as the extension of agile leadership out of business boundaries, also as the secret to a happy life in the changing world for everyone.<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;In the final part, the book focuses on providing different components of various societies with inspirations and hands-on suggestions as to how to make the world a better place by becoming true agile leaders.

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Maggie Sun 2021
ISBN: 9791220858304
Idioma: Español
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