Economy of Well-Being por Mark Anielski

Economy of Well-Being Mark Anielski

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Mark Anielski

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Award winning author of the Economics of Happiness: Building Genuine Wealth The author has travelled and lectured extensively giving lectures on the economics of happiness in Canada, US, Europe, China, Australia, French Polynesia Anielski is an economic strategist specializing in the economics of well-being. Anielski recently co-founded the Centre for Integrated Finance and Economics which focuses on developing new impact investment analytic tools with an asset and well-being lens. The Economy of Well-being examines the stories of what individuals, families, businesses, nonprofit enterprises, communities, and financial institutions can and are doing to implement an economic lifestyle that is based on achieving a flourishing life of well-being and enduring happiness A compelling and practical model and guide for a new form of capitalism that seeks to achieve the highest and best use of human, social natural, built, and financial assets. Ideal reading for anyone who wishes to contribute to building happier, more mindful communities, and ultimately lives of joy and meaning. Anielski has been approached by Netflix to produce a series following the author to places in the world where he has been helping sow the seeds for a new economy of well-being. Anielski is President and Chief Well-being Officer of Anielski Management Inc., and consults and speaks internationally on merging and measuring happiness, well-being, and economics. Intended audience: young business leaders, entrepreneurs, and students interested in adopting a different business ethic and paradigm to managing their lives International Market Author’s previous book sold well in China, Netherlands, UK, Australia and New Zealand Countries which are actively working on a national happiness index include:Bhutan, Tahiti, Egypt, Solvenia and Romania Author has an international reputation and has lectured in China and Austria Author has been a happiness advisory to the government of Bhutan since 2007

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Mark Anielski is President and Chief Well-being Officer at Anielski Management Inc. He consults and speaks internationally on merging and measuring happiness, well-being and economics. He has served as an economic advisor to China and Bhutan in their efforts to adopt new measures of well-being and happiness. He is the author of the award-winning The Economics of Happiness. He lives in Alberta, Canada with his family.

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New Society Publishers 2018
ISBN: 9781771422611
Idioma: Español
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