Environmental Invasion and Social Response por Douglas M. Fraiser

Environmental Invasion and Social Response Douglas M. Fraiser

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Douglas M. Fraiser

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As governments, corporations, and settlers race to take the world’s forests for their own, what happens to the indigenous peoples who live there? Are they at the mercy of overwhelming forces, destined to lose livelihood, identity, and respect as they are dispossessed and assimilated? This account of the Dulangan Manobo—an indigenous people of the Philippines whose rainforest homeland is being appropriated by loggers and settlers from the country’s dominant society—explores how one embattled society is changing its social organization to withstand outside forces.Environmental Invasion and Social Response examines the evolution of coordinated action among the Manobo, from its roots in religious response, through the development of numerous civil organizations, to its culmination in the emergence of indigenous land rights organizations.Despite government favoritism toward loggers and settlers—longstanding enemies of natural forests—the Manobo have continued to develop new social structures for cooperation in pursuit of rights to their ancestral homeland. The success of their efforts will play a large part in determining the forest’s future—destruction at the hand of outsiders, or effective and sustainable management by those who have always lived there.

Acerca de Douglas M. Fraiser

Douglas M. Fraiser (PhD, Interdisciplinary Ecology/Anthropology, University of Florida) is a lecturer at Payap University, Thailand, on adjunct faculty at the University of North Dakota, and a Senior Anthropology Consultant with SIL International. Fraiser and his family lived among the Manobo over a span of nineteen years.

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SIL International 2019
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