Fundamentals of Branding. Ebook por Javier Casanoves Boix

Fundamentals of Branding. Ebook Javier Casanoves Boix

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Javier Casanoves Boix

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The main objective of this book is to help you understand the idiosyncrasies of the brand and its strategic management in the company. With this end in mind, it has been divided into two blocks, as detailed below.Chapters 1 to 5 form the first block, which offers a framework based on the conceptualization, types and need to promote the brand. From there, brand equity and brand capital are studied in terms of concepts, characteristics and perspectives of analysis. Once stipulated, the main models of brand equity and brand capital proposed in the literature are detailed, deciphering the elements most commonly accepted in subsequent research and in the business field. Finally, these key elements are described, analyzing their characteristics, measurement indicators and strategic implications for the company.Chapters 6 and 7 form the second block, which provides a clear view of the concept and importance of the discipline of branding, as well as the need to understand how the human brain and heart work together with the soul of brands. From there, the importance of creating a brand culture in the organization is explained, emphasizing the commitment to the firm as a flag and developing an appropriate organizational structure to carry out the process of managing brands. Next, the importance of strategic management is examined, defining a proposal for a branding plan. Finally, we analyse the new trends developed in terms of brand, highlighting the importance of digital integration, the empowerment of human capital and the creation of virtual communities associated with it.

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Profit Editorial 2019
ISBN: 9788417942182
Idioma: Español
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