Keeping Up with the Quants por Thomas H. Davenport

Keeping Up with the Quants Thomas H. Davenport

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Thomas H. Davenport

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Why Everyone Needs Analytical SkillsWelcome to the age of data. No matter your interests (sports, movies, politics), your industry (finance, marketing, technology, manufacturing), or the type of organization you work for (big company, nonprofit, small start-up)—your world is awash with data.As a successful manager today, you must be able to make sense of all this information. You need to be conversant with analytical terminology and methods and able to work with quantitative information. This book promises to become your “quantitative literacy” guide—helping you develop the analytical skills you need right now in order to summarize data, find the meaning in it, and extract its value.In Keeping Up with the Quants, authors, professors, and analytics experts Thomas Davenport and Jinho Kim offer practical tools to improve your understanding of data analytics and enhance your thinking and decision making. You’ll gain crucial skills, including:• How to formulate a hypothesis• How to gather and analyze relevant data• How to interpret and communicate analytical results• How to develop habits of quantitative thinking• How to deal effectively with the “quants” in your organizationBig data and the analytics based on it promise to change virtually every industry and business function over the next decade. If you don’t have a business degree or if you aren’t comfortable with statistics and quantitative methods, this book is for you. Keeping Up with the Quants will give you the skills you need to master this new challenge—and gain a significant competitive edge.

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Thomas H. Davenport is a world-renowned thought leader on business analytics and big data, translating important technological trends into new and revitalized management practices that demonstrate the value of analytics to all functions of an organization. He is the President’s Distinguished Professor of Information Technology and Management at Babson College, a fellow of the MIT Center for Digital Business, cofounder and Director of Research at the International Institute for Analytics, and a senior adviser to Deloitte Analytics. Davenport is the author or coauthor of seventeen books, including the bestselling Competing on Analytics, as well as the author of dozens of articles for Harvard Business Review.

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Harvard Business Review Press 2013
ISBN: 9781422187265
Idioma: Español
Formatos: epub PDF, disponible para Windows, Android, iOS y más

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