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Walter Besant

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As regards the Tudor period, the wealth of illustration is astonishing. One might as well be writing of the city life of this day, so copious are the materials. But it is not to Shake speare and the dramatists that we must look for the details so much as to the minor writers, the moralists and satirists, Of whom the ordinary world knows nothing. The reign of Charles II. Directs one to the Plague and to the Fire. I was fortunate in finding two tracts, one dealing with the plague Of 1603, and the other with that of 1625. These, though they are earlier than Charles II., were invaluable, as illustrating the effect of the pestilence in causing an exodus of all who could get away, which took place as much in these earlier years as in 1666. Contemporary tracts on the state of London after the Fire, also happily discovered, proved useful. And when the Plague and the Fire had been dismissed, another extraordinary piece of good fortune put me in possession of certain household accounts which enabled me to present a bourgeois family of the period at home.

Acerca de Walter Besant

Walter Besant’s life (1836-1901) almost exactly coincided with Queen Victoria’s reign (1837-1901) and embodied many of its central preoccupations. As a popular writer of novels, such as All Sorts and Conditions of Men (1882), and a philanthropist who championed the urban poor and the rights of authors, this English writer appealed both to the Victorians’ taste for fiction and their zeal for reform. He also spoke to his country’s imperial interest in remote places, notably as secretary of the Palestine Exploration Fund (1864-1886). In this capacity, Besant became friends with Edward Henry Palmer (1840-1882), Cambridge professor of Arabic, prominent Orientalist, and martyr to empire when he was killed on a government mission to Egypt.

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