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Man and Wife Wilkie Collins

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Wilkie Collins

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Man and Wife Wilkie Collins – The novel has a complex plot, which is common in Collins’s work.[3] In the Prologue, a selfish and ambitious man casts off his wife in order to marry a wealthier and better-connected woman by taking advantage of a loophole in the marriage laws of Ireland.The initial action takes place in the widowed Lady Lundie’s house in Scotland. Geoffrey Delamayn has promised marriage to his lover Anne Silvester (governess to Lady Lundie’s stepdaughter Blanche), who has incurred the enmity of her employer. The spendthrift Geoffrey is about to be disinherited and wishes to escape from his promise and marry a wealthy wife. Nevertheless, he is obliged to arrange a rendezvous with Anne, in the character of his wife, at an inn, and documents this in an exchange of notes with her. Subsequently, urgent matters force him to send his friend Arnold Brinkworth, Blanche’s fiancé, to Anne in his place. To gain access to her, Arnold must ask for «his wife». Although nothing improper passes between them, they appear to the landlady and to Bishopriggs, a waiter, to be man and wife.Thus, both Geoffrey and Arnold might be deemed to be married to Anne, depending on the weight put on the spoken and written evidence. Most of the novel concerns Anne’s, Geoffrey’s and Arnold’s attempts to clarify their marital status:Anne needs to be married to save her reputationGeoffrey wishes to cast off Anne by asserting that she is married to ArnoldArnold wishes to marry Blanche but fears he has accidentally already married Anne under Scots law.In subsequent chapters Geoffrey, a keen athlete, courts Mrs Glenarm, a wealthy young widow, while Anne consults lawyers who give her conflicting advice about her position, and later tries to explain the situation to Mrs Glenarm, who rebuffs her. Arnold seeks the advice of Lady Lundie’s brother-in-law Sir Patrick Lundie, a retired lawyer. Sir Patrick approaches the problem with energy, but owing to various mishaps, Geoffrey’s determination that his scheme shall succeed, and the unsatisfactory state of the law, is not immediately successful. However, he ascertains that the correspondence linking Geoffrey and Anne exists and was stolen at the inn by Bishopriggs, who tries to extort money for it. Anne, who strongly wishes to remove any impediment to Blanche and Arnold’s marriage, comes to the same conclusion and forces Bishopriggs to give her the letter by threatening to reveal its contents, which would make it worthless for blackmail. Eventually Anne offers to reveal her relations with Geoffrey, even at the cost of her reputation – impressing Sir Patrick with her courageous and honourable behaviour. At a meeting of all the parties and their lawyers, she makes her revelations. Geoffrey can no longer avoid honouring his promise to her and acknowledges her as his wife.A sub-plot concerns Geoffrey’s athleticism. While training for an important race, Geoffrey is discovered to have a serious physical ailment rendering him liable to a paralytic stroke. In the race itself, in which Geoffrey represents the South of England against the North, he collapses near the end, leaving his opponent the victor. His «friends» desert him, having lost their bets placed on him.

Acerca de Wilkie Collins

Wilkie Collins nació en Londres en 1824 y murió en esa misma ciudad en 1889. Hijo del pintor paisajista William Collins, cursó estudios de derecho antes de dedicarse de lleno al oficio de escritor. En 1848 publicó una semblanza sobre la figura de su padre y, dos años más tarde, aparecía su primera novela, Antonina o la caída de Roma. Mantuvo una gran amistad con Charles Dickens, con quien colaboró en la novela El abismo, y trabajó largo tiempo en la búsqueda de formas narrativas renovadoras. Fruto de este esfuerzo literario son sus dos obras fundamentales: La dama de blanco (1859-1860) y La Piedra Lunar (1868). Maestro de la narrativa inglesa, su obra ha tenido admiradores y seguidores tan cualificados como Henry James, T.S. Eliot o Jorge Luis Borges.

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