Summary of Cash Flow Quadrant por Alexander Cooper

Summary of Cash Flow Quadrant Alexander Cooper

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Alexander Cooper

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Summary of Cash Flow QuadrantYou can never have true freedom without financial freedom. Freedom may be free, but it has a price.Preface: What is Your Life’s Goal?Finding your path in life is your goal in life. Your path is not your profession, how much money you make, your title, or your successes and failures.Finding your path means finding out what you were put here on this earth to do. What is your life’s purpose? Why were you given this gift called life? And what is the gift you give back to life?Most people are programmed early in life to “Go to school and get a job.” School is about finding a job in the E or S quadrant. It is not about finding your life’s path.Trust your intuition, heart and have guts.Education is a process.To develop into a whole human being, we need mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual education.Traditional schools were primarily about developing students mentally. That is why so many students who do well in school, do not do well in real life, especially in the world of money.School programs students to be an employee in the E or S quadrant. Traditional education is not the place for a person who wants to be an entrepreneur in the B and I quadrants.Become an entrepreneur in education.It seems that our paths in life are not found in our minds. Our path in life is to find out what is in our hearts.The shortcoming of traditional education. Millions of people leave school, only to be trapped in jobs they do not like. They know something is missing in life. Many people are also trapped financially, earning just enough to survive, wanting to earn more but not knowing what to do.Without awareness of the other quadrants, many people go back to school and look for new professions or pay raises in the E or S quadrant, unaware of the world of the B and I quadrants.Most addictions are attempts to find happiness in people’s souls.Many “A” students get stuck in “analysis paralysis,” studying every little detail, but failing to do anything. This “analysis paralysis” is caused by our educational system punishing students for making mistakes. If you think about it, “A” students are “A” students simply because they made the fewest mistakes. The problem with that emotional psychosis is that, in the real world, people who take action are the ones who make the most mistakes and learn from them to win in the game of life.The reason so many people fail to achieve success is because they fail to fail enough times.One of the reasons so many people cling to job security is because they lack emotional education. They let fear stop them.Here is a Preview of What You Will Get:⁃ A Full Book Summary⁃ An Analysis⁃ Fun quizzes⁃ Quiz Answers⁃ EtcGet a copy of this summary and learn about the book.

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Ben Business Group LLC 2021
ISBN: 9791220827171
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