Tourist Attractions por Johan R. Edelheim

Tourist Attractions Johan R. Edelheim

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Johan R. Edelheim

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Tourist attractions constitute the metaphorical ‘heart’ of tourism. This book aims to both deconstruct and construct what tourist attractions are, how we perceive them and how we can enhance our understanding of what attracts us as tourists. The volume reaches beyond current ideas about the ways tourist attractions are created, shaped and packaged. It focuses on the importance and subjective nature of identity, memory, narrative and performance in the tourist experience to find new ways of analysing and managing tourist attractions. The book will appeal to researchers and students in tourism and destination management and heritage and indigenous tourism.

Acerca de Johan R. Edelheim

Johan R. Edelheim is Director of the Multidimensional Tourism Institute (MTI), Finland. His research interests within tourism and hospitality include education, linguistics and cultural issues. He is an executive member of the Tourism Education Futures Initiative (TEFI).

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Channel View Publications 2015
ISBN: 9781845415440
Idioma: Español
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